Company News – Changes in trading schedule on July 1–4

Dear clients,

Due to celebration of Establishment Day in Hong Kong, on July 1 trading on index Hang Seng Index (#HSI) will be closed.

4th of July is Independence Day in the US, so there will be changes in the schedule of trading sessions on this day.

Trading schedule:

Trading hours

July 1 (Friday)
July 4 (Monday)

CFD for indices #DJI30, #NIKKEI, #NQ100, #SP500
Regular hours
Early close at 20:00 EEST*

CFD for energy commodities

Early close at 20:15 EEST

CFD for precious metals

Early close at 21:30 EEST

CFD for indices #CAC40, #FTSE100

Early close at 23:00 EEST

CFD for NYSE, NASDAQ shares

CFD for index #HSI
Regular hours


*EEST — Eastern European Summer Time, corresponds to UTC+3 in summer (as per the Company’s trading server time).

During this time, you can still trade other CFDs specified in the CFD specification.

Starting from July 5 trading will return to regular hours.

Please consider this information when planning the trade on financial markets. The Company reserves the right to suspend the trades if the instrument liquidity decreases.